Business SimulationS for better financial results

The key to a high performance company is the level of business and financial acumen of your team. With better context, they can be empowered to make better business decisions for your company everyday and understand the its impact down the chain.

Since 1996, hundreds of leading brands have trusted our business simulation game to build business acumen skills and enhance their teams’ financial literacy.

And that’s just how Beam Inc. generated an additional $700,000 annual ongoing profit with just a 2-day Income|Outcome business acumen workshop.

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of participants reported significantly improved financial literacy.

5.8/5 Stars

Participants of one program awarded bonus points for the workshop score


of participants want to play another round

What is a Business Simulation Workshop?

Income|Outcome’s business simulation workshops teaches business acumen, leading to better decision-making

This is where learners become entrepreneurial executives, teams become corporate giants, and the classroom becomes an entire industry. Our simulations create an ideal environment for learning because the lessons have immediate application within the game and they are directly transferable to the real world.

Business Acumen Workshops for Your Team

It’s fast.
Non-finance people quickly grasp basic business dynamics and build business acumen.

It’s easy.
It’s a game. People learn because they want to win.

It’s visual.
The simulation game board is a working model of a business (and its financial statements).

It’s connected.
Apply classroom learning to the real-world immediately. Financial Statements. Budgets. KPIs.

It’s customizable.
Choose the industry, the focus, and the depth of learning to meet audience needs.

It’s transformative.
A big picture understanding drives better business decisions (and better business results).

The course gave me a better understanding of how management, customers and shareholders view the business. It helped me to realize how my decisions impact the total company.
                                                                                               – Beam Inc. Employee

Why Companies Choose Income|Outcome

Proven effective for over 20 years, brands all over the world have chosen Income|Outcome because our customizable solution:

  • Gets Real Results
  • Is Fun, Challenging, and Effective
  • Offers Industry-Specific Solutions
  • Offers Five Levels to Train Every Audience
  • Is Available Globally


of students felt their business acumen improved


One company’s Better Business Decisions Simulation resulted in this additional profit for the company


of participants feel comfortable reading financial statements after our Finance & Decision-Making Simulation

We Tailor to Your Audience, Your Industry.

Only Income | Outcome offers five levels of business acumen workshops, ensuring you can meet the development needs of each and every audience. Special versions are available to focus on areas such as sales, R&D supply chain, Professional services (eg. legal), and more. With our global network, you can implement these simulations in any of anywhere on the planet.

  • Sales Teams
  • High Potentials (Hi Pos) New Hires
  • Operations
  • Finance for non-Finance (& Non-Finance for Finance!)
  • Leadership Development
  • Workforce Development