Ophir Gal, Business Development Manager at Aviv-Yissum

Ophir Gal, Business Development Manager at Aviv-Yissum

I would like to focus about the nature of the Israeli people and their business managers.  You may say that Israel’s people, and  Israeli managers, are constant arguers, bad planners, not good listeners etc.  However they are also talented, practical, quick learners and  flexible; born of long years of reacting to desperate situations and unexpected disasters.

Having said that, you can probably guess what we believe is the best learning method that fits busy Israeli managers…one guess it is not frontal lecture.

Working for many years with many companies and managers from various industries have tought us at Aviv-Yissum that the practical and challenging Income/Outcome simulation is without doubt one of the best methods.

When we summarize a simulaton we often hear feedbacks like: “What I did not understand about business in two long semesters of my MBA studies, I understood after only one day of playing”.

Income/Outcome is a simulation that helps teach resource optimization. But it is far more than that. It challenges participants to make the most of what they have, to synthesize strategic approaches, and to build, in a very realistic exercise, the kind of  mindset and decision skills that they will need in today’s uncertain world.

We all hope that in a year or so, the world will begin to emerge from the 2008-9 recession. But even when it does, the uncertainty in the markets will remain. More than ever managers will need first-class business and financial understanding, decision-making skills etc . More than ever practical hands-on simulations will help them build those business acumen skills.

Ophir Gal, Business Development Manager

Aviv Yissum Strategies & Compensation