An experiential change management workshop built in conjunction with Stanford Business Professor Chip Heath and Harvard Business Review Contributor Dan Heath, based on their NY Times bestseller ‘Switch’.  

Learning Outcomes

In the Leading a Switch workshop, the goal is for each participant – whether a front line worker, a manager, or an executive – to grasp:

  • Why some changes are excruciating and others are easy.
  • Why most organizational changes never generate the momentum they need.
  • How to break through the “decision paralysis” that can doom a change effort.
  • How to spot and clone the “bright spots” that can point the way forward.
  • Why knowledge is not enough to spark change—and what will spark it.
  • How tweaking the environment in minor ways can trigger big changes in behavior.

Participant teams discover what makes lasting change so difficult in our personal and professional lives. Through case studies and fun and engaging exercises teams come to understand that we are governed by two different ‘minds’- one rational and one emotional- and that the tension between them can derail the finest change efforts. 

In this 4-8 hour change management workshop, learners build their change muscles beginning with analyses of successful change and culminating in the development and competition of ‘Master Challenges’ – proposals for complicated professional change.  Participants act as internal change consultants and the facilitator provides coaching and guidance, resulting in ‘shovel-ready’ change strategies that can be implemented immediately at home and/or in the business. Additionally, all participants receive a copy of Switch.

A discovery call prior to the program ensures that the course material is aligned with business issues relevant to the company.