Learning Styles and Visualization

People have different learning styles. Not everyone thinks visually, although most people do. This is important for game developers like Andromeda Simulations to remember, because we specialize in the visual display of information. But we also have to pay attention … Read More »

Experiential learning – using fewer words

The Lifeboat Foundation, an organization dedicated to the analysis and prevention of threats to human existence, has a blog post on the reduction of richness and complexity in language titled A Future of Fewer Words. It interests me because I … Read More »

Long-term impact of learning styles

A report in the June 25, 2009, London-based journal BMC Geriatrics has measured a significant difference in the memory and awareness abilities between US and UK seniors. Functionally, 75-year-old Americans performed at the level of 65-year-old Brits. This discrepancy was … Read More »

Stealth Learning

For the past 10 years, we have talked about ‘aha! thinking’ and ‘overnight learning’ and tried to express how our learning continues beyond the simulation. Over the past year we have come up with a phrase that describes a lot … Read More »