The skills you need to succeed in government are the same skills you need to succeed in business: abilities to see the ‘big picture’, manage resources, communicate, measure results, build and manage a budget.

Why do most Fortune 500 companies have one or more formal training programs in place to develop business acumen at all levels of their organization?  Because they’ve learned that when employees understand the financial impact of their decisions and actions, the company prospers. Business acumen training leads to improved decision-making, communications and organizational alignment. These programs make people work smarter; generating more revenue, cutting expenses and reducing working capital. Better decisions benefit the bottom line.

Business Acumen Is Needed Because a Government Agency Has Business Needs

Although a government agency is not profit-centered, it has a budget, a balance sheet, and metrics. It has to manage resources and staffing, and poor management will erode the budget.  And it needs to generate good results to meet the expectations of the ‘shareholders’ (the government and the American people).

Business Acumen Training Is Good for Your Career

Knowing how business works can advance your career; it helps you make the business case for a project and gives you the tools to make better decisions as a project manager. You learn to manage your contractors rather than have them manage you, and when you successfully manage one project, it will lead to larger projects.

Income/Outcome® Business Simulations Use Experiential and Visual Learning Methodologies to Make Finance Fun

Although finance is renowned for being dry, boring – one of the least exciting topics in the training catalog – our game-based workshops make learning finance fun. Income/Outcome business simulations enable rapid learning, covering essential finance and strategy content in as little as 4 hours. These immersive workshops are intensely competitive.  They engage participants in an exciting game experience that raises their comfort level with finance.

Choose the Business Simulation Training Trusted by Top Fortune 500 Companies

Since 1996, hundreds of leading companies, including BIC, GE, HP, and Michelin have trusted us to build business acumen in tens of thousands of employees… and we’d like to help you too!  Our business simulation workshops have also been effective at quickly preparing entering executive students at numerous leading business school’s Executive MBA and Executive Ed programs, including Vanderbilt (Owen), UNC (Kenan-Flagler), UMD (Robert H. Smith), and UM (Carlson).

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