Andromeda Training,  announces the launch of a strategic partnership with Teneo Consulting, a management training and consulting firm with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, bringing the Income/Outcome board game business simulations to Spain.

Since 1996, Andromeda Training has provided business acumen training workshops incorporating their highly successful Income/Outcome business simulations. The teaching tool is not a computer simulation, it is a board game with up to 10,000 pieces; and it offers ‘high touch’ learning. The number of pieces not withstanding, the simulation is known for the clarity and simplicity of fundamental business concepts, and it is widely used for teaching the fundamentals of corporate finance. Other hallmarks of the training programs are a visual representation of the income statement and balance sheet which connects directly to real world financial results; a selectable learning level that tailors simulation complexity to match the need of the target audience; and the inclusion of people as decision-makers in the business model.

Andromeda has partnered with consulting groups around the world, making the finance literacy seminars available in over 10 languages. Teneo Consulting is the fifth EU consultant to offer the Income/Outcome business game.

Jose Maria Zamoro, partner of Teneo, says, “We often use games and simulations in Spain as a very efficient methodology for training. We chose the Income/Outcome business simulation as our finance training tool because it shows to the participants how the money moves across the company. Any time, they can watch and touch the money, so they understand how the decisions impact the business.”

Robin Helweg-Larsen, president of Andromeda Training, says that the ‘touch’ is important. “People have different learning styles, some people learn best by hearing, others by reading. The Income/Outcome workshops include all learning styles, but the visual, kinetic and tactile elements are probably the strongest. We know that people carry the game board image with them for years afterwards. A person who went through the simulation ten or twelve years ago can look at the game board today and tell you how cash flows through the business.”

Teneo has already started offering the business acumen workshops in both Madrid and Barcelona. Within the next few months they hope to roll out additional offerings, including Entrepreneurial Challenge, a 3 to 4-hour workshop ideally suited to meetings and events.

For more information about Teneo Consulting, S.L., visit the website: or call Jose Maria Zamoro at Teneo between 9 and 7 GMT time, [+34 91 417 92 29] or email

For more information about Andromeda Training, Inc. visit the website: https://www.income-outcome.comor call Robin Helweg-Larsen at Andromeda Training between 9 and 5 Eastern time, [intl+1.919.933.6555] or email