For 15 years the Tel Aviv-based training and consulting company Yissum has been our partner in Israel. Led by Israel Yogev and Rami Joseph, they have been enormously active in generating new clients – a situation that has been forced on them by the relatively small size of the Israeli market, and the fact that they can’t expect to keep running workshops forever within a small client.

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So apart from extensive work with some of the larger opportunities like Coca-Cola,Superpharm (a retail chain), and Teva, they have also created a global opportunity for themselves by providing management training to Amdocs. Yissum uses our global network of distributors to provide business acumen competency to Amdocs around the world – including in the US, where we now teach Income/Outcome workshops to Amdocs on their behalf!

We enjoy working with Yissum, and they and their clients have always had kind words for us. As Israel Yogev wrote recently, “The ability to understand the dilemmas that management is facing constantly while making decisions and choices – is a major source of value that Income/Outcome creates in all levels.”

One thought on “Yissum, our management training partner in Israel

  1. We at Yissum are proud to be part of your internationl network and enjoy a marvellous product line that is superb compared with any comtetion.

    I must share with you all the fact that often, during sales meeting with new customers I state that regretfully I am not the genious that developed the product, but only a devoted follower and practiotioner of it