This is an example of a Company Board, showing its basic structure:



There are a few lucky people in this world who can glance at columns of numbers on a page, and immediately see their relative sizes, relationships, importance, and underlying messages.

For the rest of us, however, it takes serious work to find the useful information in, say, the Income Statement and Balance Sheet of a company’s Annual Report. Even the ability to do that work may require weeks or years of study.

The problem is that we humans are primarily visual in our understanding of the world, and not genetically predisposed to numerical notation systems. So we at Andromeda Training have created The Company Board, to represent visually the information of any Income Statement and Balance Sheet. At a glance you can see the line items of both statements, grouped or listed appropriately, logically color-coded, in graphic size relationship to each other.

Immediately the fundamental relationships leap out at you: Sales, Cost of Sales and Profit; Debt to Equity; how healthy the cash position is; how much is tied up in Inventories, or in Fixed Assets; how much profit has been made, related to the amount of assets – in other words, Return On Assets is visible on the board.

We believe that this is the first complete representation of this kind in the world. It is applicable to any company, in any country, using any accounting system. It provides an extremely rapid review of the financial health of the company, and is, let’s face it, far more beautiful than plain columns of numbers.

To see examples of well-known companies represented in this way, click here and then click on The Company Board.