Everyone makes business decisions.
Everyone impacts business results.

Income|Outcome business simulation workshops help people make the connection between their every day decisions and bottom line results.  Our better business acumen solutions lead to people making better business decisions and those lead to better business results:

In regards to maximizing pricing we were able to generate an additional $700K for 2014 which will be ongoing.*

One-time $30k capital avoidance.*
I’m working to reduce agave inventory shrinkage, to the tune of $294,000 Mexican pesos in the year.*

Income|Outcome business simulations run from 4-hours to 3 days. There’s a business acumen workshop for everyone in the company!  Available in classroom and online delivery.

* Actual comments from Beam Inc. Commercial Acumen study

Income|Outcome business simulations because…

It’s fast.
Non-finance people quickly grasp basic business dynamics.

It’s easy.
It’s a game. People learn because they want to win.

It’s visual.
The simulation game board is a working model of a business (and its financial statements).

It’s connected.
Apply classroom learning to the real-world immediately.  Financial Statements.  Budgets. KPIs.

It’s customizable.
Choose the industry, the focus, and the depth of learning to meet audience needs.

It’s transformative.
A big picture understanding drives better business decisions (and better business results).

Our Family of Business Simulation Workshops

Only Income|Outcome offers five different levels of business simulation workshops, from 4 hours to 3 days, ensuring you can meet the business acumen training needs of each and every audience. And with our global network, you can implement these business simulations in any of 16 languages, just about anywhere.

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