Andromeda Simulations International teaches business literacy workshop for free!

We recently partnered with the Centre for Training and Innovation to run a business literacy workshop on Eleuthera. And this Income|Outcome workshop was provided pro bono, because the founders of Andromeda live on the island.

The Participants

Most of the attendees were recent graduates of the University of the West Indies, with BAs in the hospitality industry. Participants came from several Caribbean countries including Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados and Nevis. They are doing a 12-week internship with hopes of a career in the industry leading to their own businesses some day. Also a couple of local Eleuthera people attended, including Sunset Inn restaurant owner Lionel Fernander.

And here is the group, from the article in The Eleutheran after the event.

Group photo after the business literacy workshop

Business literacy workshop participants

Mr. Fernander (on the right) was on the winning team. And he shared a lot of helpful stories about what young entrepreneurs need to know, including what banks expect from borrowers. Financial statements! Projections! Business plans with budgets and cash flow forecasts!

Business literacy workshops for everyone

Having taught business finance for over 25 years, Andromeda is confident in the value of its Income|Outcome business simulation. Its strength and clarity provides thorough, rapid, real-world learning in a fun enviroment. And it is applicable to everyone from Fortune 500 personnel, to entrepreneurs, to college students around the world.

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