About Andromeda Training

Andromeda Training is the creator of the Income|Outcome® business simulation: where learners become entrepreneurial executives, teams become corporate giants, and the classroom becomes an entire industry.

Our History

Andromeda Training was founded in 1993, and in 1996 the family of Income|Outcome® business simulations was launched. Income|Outcome® is now used around the world by companies like Michelin, Beam, BIC and Hewlett Packard Enterprises.  Andromeda has also developed many unique industry and audience versions of the simulation, as well as adding other games such as The Color of Money® a ‘government acumen simulation’ that looks at how money flows through the government.  


Andromeda team members have taught executive-level seminars on six continents and have helped tens of thousands of employees at all levels to improve their business acumen. Our team provides business acumen workshops to Fortune 1000 organizations, federal agencies and top tier business schools.  We also teach and license our clients to run their own simulation workshops in-house. Some clients use both approaches, running lower-level workshops themselves, and bringing us in to run workshops for executives and senior managers. 

Our partnerships

We offer the best business simulation companies worldwide. Receive Income|Outcome® through one of our licensed distributors and their accredited facilitators! 


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