Doing is Believing.  Seeing is believing is what we usually hear, but there is just no substitute for “doing.”  So if “Doing is Believing,”… THEN after you DO you “have D.I.B.s” on whatever it is that you’ve done! And we want to help you “have D.I.B.s” on lots of things!

That is our theme for ASTD this year.  ASTD 2013 is upon us, and we will be there with our beautiful giant game board backing us up.  Additionally backing us up, this year we have invited some colleagues from Transform People International to be join us, specifically to talk about our successes in developing a joint program for leadership development that we’ve rolled out with great success.  TPI has expertise in the “people arena” – collaboration, teamwork, business impact, sales transformation, distance learning, and assessments to name but a few areas.  Andromeda’s expertise is in business acumen, and we also complement each other in the transformation areas.  We think it’s a great partnership and offers you value in both the hard metric financial side and the human side of the equation.

Our theme for ASTD is Doing is Believing… meaning that transformation happens not with seeing, but with doing.


Our Income/Outcome business simulations are experiential learning – they involve a whole lot of “doing.”

You will see the D.I.B.s buttons all over the floor at ASTD; be sure to visit us to find out how you can “get D.I.B.s” on many areas of success relevant to your business.

And seeing is good, too, so if you like the power of seeing, be sure to check out our fun mirror.  We are in ASTD Booth 245, and you’ll have some fun visiting us, and gain some serious D.I.B.s on achieving your business goals.  See you there!