I’m a business owner. I value stability, but I also value improvements. I value low taxes, but I also value a well-educated populace and well-maintained transportation systems. I value freedom from unnecessary bureaucracy, but I also value beneficial controls and fair and transparent processes.

In other words, I understand the legitimate concerns of both the Right and the Left in politics. I’m not in favor of Big Government or Small Government, so much as government that works. Government that is efficient, transparent, and that has remedies for bureaucratic abuse or corruption. I want mechanisms for promoting change in a well-managed way. Businesses value stability; but too much stability becomes stagnation and is bad for business.

changeThe world is in a state of increasingly rapid change, driven by a variety of interlinked factors: technology, mass communication, global travel, immigration, cross-cultural fertilization, and increasingly realistic dreams of longer, healthier and richer lives.

When Andromeda Training teaches business finance and business acumen with Income/Outcome, the necessity of change is an unspoken part of the learning. Change may start from a technological opportunity, or from a response to a customer demand, but it will ripple outwards and change culture and politics. Some people will resist it, some will accept it, and others will modify it and will change the change itself. And however it eventually settles out will then look normal, and the earlier situation will look primitive and inefficient.

After all it was only a few hundred years ago that Western Europeans condemned the very idea of table forks as sinfully pretentious and worthy of death. Read “The Uncommon Origins of the Common Fork” for an entertaining example of how culture changes!