The “Entrepreneurial Challenge” version of Income/Outcome is now being scheduled as a 5-hour evening session by Andromeda Simulations Arabia, and headlined as “The 5-hour MBA”.

This shortest version of our workshops has elements of both fun:


and serious planning and analysis:


Participants play a team-based business simulation – a business game with each team creating its own gameboard company – and compete to win profitable orders. Some follow a strategy of maximizing prices, others of reducing costs or otherwise increasing efficiency.

In a single session of four hours (plus a couple of breaks), participants are exposed to a business simulation that, by its structure, teaches 20 fundamental business concepts, from the uses of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet to visualizing key ratios such as profitability, ROA and leverage.

The first workshops by Andromeda Simulations Arabia will be held on

  • 5th November 2012, Mercure Hotel, Al-Khobar
  • 8th November 2012, Radisson Diplomat, Bahrain

Both workshops are scheduled for 4 – 9 pm. For a look at the simulation, see this 2-minute video or visit our Facebook page.

Building on our work with Saudi Electricity Company and the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development of Abu Dhabi, we are delighted to be opening our business acumen workshops to the general public of the Gulf region.