Business Simulations to Build Business Acumen

Built into each program is an advanced approach honed over more than a decade. Since 1996, hundreds of leading brands including BIC, Coca-Cola, GE, HP, and Michelin have put tens of thousands of employees through our business simulations. Fill the form to learn more.

We are here to help you learn more about how business simulations can rapidly build business acumen at your organization.

We offer instructor-led workshops where teams face real-world pressures as they manage a business represented on a gameboard (example shown at right).

The Income/Outcome® range of business acumen solutions encompass short workshops for rapid-learning scenarios; longer, more thoughtful, programs for managers; and strategically complex workshops for senior executives.

All our workshops use the same game board, imagery, language, and dynamics, so they build shared understanding in the company. Participants get programs tailored to their level of decision‐making in the real world. And your organization gets superior results.

Our standard business models include manufacturing, services, health care and more; or we can develop a custom model that reflects the dynamics of your industry.

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