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Income/Outcome is a high-touch business simulation for teaching business acumen, strategic thinking, and finance.  For over twenty years we’ve provided best in class finance and business acumen training at Fortune 500 companies that drives culture change, improves inter-departmental communication, and has a real impact on the bottom line.  Let us show you what we mean.

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Our suite of Income/Outcome® simulations includes products for every level of your organization ranging from 4 hour rapid-learning to one day in depth programs for managers and strategically complex multi-day workshops for senior executives.  When business acumen is spread throughout the organization the results are exponential.

Every industry is different, and an effective simulation should reflect that.  Income/Outcome can be customized to your specific industry dynamics and learning goals.  We have developed over 100 industry models including manufacturing, health care, CPG, utilities, and services.  By working closely with each client we create an experience that provides fun, effective, and accurate training.

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