Recently we ran some Income/Outcome workshops for undergraduate engineering students at Aalborg University in Denmark.


In the second workshop, several professors sat in with teams to observe the learning – analysing the activity, discussions and decision-making.

After it was over, and everyone had had time to reflect on it, we received this comment from one of the observers, Louise Møller Nielsen, a researcher and Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology:

“To me Income/Outcome® represents a very effective way for non-financial students and scholars to attain knowledge about business finance and the logic behind it. For a non-financial student the whole concept of finance and business strategy might be a bit overwhelming or hard to get a handle on, however I have seen how Income/Outcome makes business finance less intimidating and immediately understandable for students.

From a research perspective, Income/Outcome is also a very fine example of the balance between a serious game and serious learning tool, and of how important it is to develop various learning tools – especially in fields of expertise like finance, where the number of learning tools typically is very limited.

In other words, if you are teaching finance to novices or non-finance students or if you are doing research in serious games or learning tools, I would definitely recommend Income/Outcome as your starting point.”

Now that we are getting to know each other, we look forward to a strong and lasting relationship with a whole group of new friends at Aalborg University.

If you have an interest in simulations for use in an academic setting, have a look here.