Doing is Believing!  Get your D.I.B.s here!

It is unlikely that anyoe would disagree with the statement that a collaborative environment is a more productive environment than an non-collaborative environment.  So how do you get D.I.B.s on Collaboration?  Is this one of the business competencies that naturally happens, or can it be enabled?

We have all experienced the times when you bring a team of people together and magic happens.  People working together seamlessly, supporting each other, working in harmony, achieving an amazing result.

Conversely, there are times when a group that is supposed to be working toward the same goal seems to be working at odds with each other, and when it is really bad, their main focus seems to be de-railing each other.  As a manager of the team, you may feel that you are more of a kindergarten teacher than manager of a high performance team.  So how can you help foster, in fact, be the master enabler! of an environment of collaboration?

dibs.collaborationPeople are different.  Seems an obvious statement, but too often we do not take into account that people have different needs, wants, goals, desires, values.  Understanding these differences can lead to productive relationships, not only in working teams, but in a myriad of ways.  Sales person to client.  Individual contributor to Manager and vice versa.  Negotiating a better seat on an airplane!  The possibilities are endless.

We have a proven methodology to help people relate to people in a very easy, memorable, and effective way specifically tailored to a business context.  Whether people are just alike or polar opposites, there is a way to work together for maximum potential, and it is easy to implement and master when you know how.  We have done this for countless clients over many years and we can do it for you, too.

Please do comment and visit us at ASTD 2013 at Booth 245 to learn more.  We can really help you “get D.I.B.s on Collaboration,” and we can’t wait to do so!

Get Your D.I.B.s on Collaboration!

Guest Blog writer: Becky Tise from Transform People International