For the fifth year, Andromeda has been a Corporate Member of the Executive MBA Council with a presence at the annual global conference. The event was held this week at the Omni Galleria in Houston (with a side trip to the Armadillo Palace for an evening of increasingly complicated line dancing).

Eliza and I were joined by Helmut Hergeth, the business prof from NC State University who has been using Income/Outcome for over ten years and is our preferred facilitator for academic clients. Helmut co-presented a session with Robyn Blilie and Matthew Goode of the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management on the growing use of experiential learning within the academic curriculum – Carlson too has been using Income/Outcome for over ten years.

We also had Leon Grandy visiting from New Zealand. As a Director of Armillary Private Capital, a corporate financial services firm, Leon uses Income/Outcome to raise the financial and business acumen of his clients, and has sold Income/Outcome into Auckland University.


The event was a huge success for us. As well as co-presenting a session, Helmut was in the Shark Tank on our behalf; all of us attended sessions and various Regional meetings; and the level of acceptance of experiential learning was higher than ever before. This acceptance was coupled with an understanding of the academic environment’s unique use of Income/Outcome as a team-builder and a way to overcome the Fear of Finance of incoming students… and the use of our Visual Finance app for ongoing discussion of real-world companies.

Experiential learning is growing dramatically each year in its use throughout the academic world. Our new clients in the past couple of months range from Cornell University in the heart of the US, to Tromsø University north of the Arctic Circle in Norway.

This year in Houston we renewed friendships, made new acquaintances, and expect new academic clients. (And we appreciate the hospitality we are shown!)