Arab News, the national English-language daily of Saudi Arabia, printed a nice half-page story today on Andromeda Training, Income/Outcome and our new Visual Finance app. The article is by Molouk Ba-Isa, Editor for the Gulf Region and an IT specialist.

arab_women_playing_income-outcome-resized-600 (1)

In addition to an overview of Andromeda and our expansion out of the classroom into a new (but related) product line, Arab News has a screen shot of the VF app and a photo of Arab women – fully covered – playing Income/Outcome. 

If you read the story online, please be sure to leave a comment – even if it just says “Thanks!”

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To find out more on the classroom learning, go to

To find out more on the free iPad app (and its $8 upgrade), go to

2 thoughts on “Income/Outcome and Visual Finance in Arab News

  1. Very good article in the Arab News. Hope it translates into some downloads of the app.