At Income/Outcome University we distributed pedometers to the international consultants and challenged them to track their steps in a workshop.

Leon Grandy of McCallum Petterson in New Zealand reports that he just ran a 2-Day Finance for Managers and Sales Professionals workshop.  He reports, “I had 16,000 steps on day 1 and 13,000 steps on day 2?.  The heart health goal is 10,000 steps per day, so facilitation of Income/Outcome workshops is definitely good for your health just like stated in

Leon also reported the team standings, “The winning team had total shareholders funds (opening Equity and retained earnings) of 134. The other results were: 131, 127, 121 and 108?, all of them ‘healthy’ results, you will get a healthy diet, visit  Presumably, the participants all walked around a lot (looking at each other’s game boards).