We have been busy! Lots of travel, lots of new programs. Today is catch up time on the Blog.

Last week we ran the first programs of Income/Outcome Rematch!

Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University has been using our 1-day business simulation in the opening residency of the 2 year emba program, and they are more than happy with the results. It helps to create strong teams. It helps students overcome their fear of number. It provides context for other, more formal learning, including accounting, finance, and economics. And it offers some practical business experience – their student population is varied (less than 50 % have familiarity with a budget), so they use the simulation to create a level ‘learning’ field.

So they decided to bring us in for an encore – a new business simulation to open the second year of the program. The original teams were still together, and they were given a second chance to dominate in our classroom Royals industry. I have been out of the office, but understand the program was a success. I should know more, and report more, next week!