We advocate our board game business simulation as being the ideal instrument for developing business acumen. The experiential learning component is strong, and employees become emotionally invested in mastering the finance tools we provide. Here is another possibility – go to Hollywood! BusinessPundit.com offers their list of 50 Best Business Movies, with the premise that you can watch other people’s experiences to “amp up your business acumen”.

Which is the better solution?Board game business simulation or Netflix? Here is how they stack up:

Travel:With the simulation, we need everyone in one location.With the movie solution, you gather everyone together in a movie theatre OR you can do Netflix (but you will lose some of the ‘common’ experience).

Run-Time:This varies for the simulation, but our finance for non-finance managers workshop is often called a 2-day MBA. Fifty is a lot of movies, you will probably spread them out over 6 months.

Opportunity for future learning: This fall we will be introducing Income/Outcome Rematch! bringing teams back together in the classroom to reinforce the learning. With the movie solution, the next step is to go to a film festival, and in fact a professor at Alfred University takes students to Cannes for a marketing class assignment which they term a 5-day MBA!

Yes movies are fun, and popcorn is great, but we think the interactivity of Income/Outcome is a more effective, and more enjoyable, approach to learning business finance.