Robin Helweg-Larsen, Co-Founder

Robin co-founded Andromeda Training Inc. with Eliza in 1993. They co-created the family of Income|Outcome business simulations in 1996 for Michelin. who have now put 35,000 people through our workshops.and Company Board business visualizer. Robin has led hundreds of business simulations and trained thousands of business people to lead effective workshops.

Eliza Helweg-Larsen, Co-Founder

Eliza co-founded Andromeda Training, Inc with Robin in 1993. Three years later, they developed the Income|Outcome family of business simulations, which is now used around the world in twelve languages. She has been the driving force behind the Company Board business visualizer and the Visual Finance app.

Nikolai Usack, Executive Vice President

Nikolai Usack, Executive Vice President

Nikolai leads the corporate sales team and manages a network of international clients. He is a master trainer for Income|Outcome and has trained managers at leading companies including Abbott Labs, McCormick, Phillips and Hewlett Packard.  In past years, Nikolai held the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification while managing a Change Management Program at BearingPoint and served the American Red Cross as an Oracle Trainer and Business Analyst.

Dr. Helmut Hergeth, Senior Facilitator

Helmut has facilitated hundreds of Income|Outcome workshops since 2002. He also works as Associate Professor in the College of Textiles at NC State University. He has taught in Executive MBA programs at Cornell-Queen’s, Kennesaw State, the University of Minnesota, and UNC Chapel Hill. He has also worked for Akzo-Nobel and at the University of Münster. A widely published author, Helmut holds an MBA and a PhD in Business Management and Economics from the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster, Germany.