More on what has been keeping us so very busy…

Last week we ran a brand new business game at MSP Revolution 2008, developed specifically for the MSP industry. Because we were working with entrepreneurs we decided to add some complexity… from a technical standpoint, we actually ended up with a double simulation, either one of which was a challenge. We played it on a standard Income/Outcome game-board of Balance Sheet and Income Statement, but we overlaid it with time-allocation decisions – the Owner can only do so much work in a month without hiring additional people, each of whom has time-allocation advantages and disadvantages.

From a practical standpoint, it was a business game that that wowed! the audience.

You can see one participant’s comment’s at Karl Palchuk’s blog.

Our congratulations to Professor Joe Kuvshinikov of Kent State University; while he and Robin both ran great sessions, Robin was the only facilitator who had prior familiarity with the new program. Joe did a fabulous job with only the evening before to prepare for it. (I was there too; my pedometer recorded 9,200 steps, which is nowhere near close to Leon’s score, so it goes.)

Our thanks and congratulations to Amy Luby at MSP Revolution who put on the 4-day event. She got an excellent response overall (and says she will be running this simulation a few more times in 2009).