Entrepreneurial Challenge

For all team members. Great for corporate events and academic settings, this instructor-led business simulation builds basic business acumen. Working in teams, participants set prices, produce financial statements, monitor cash flow, make operational changes… and have a ton of fun.

Finance for Everyone

For all team members. Great for challenging everyone in the company, this instructor-led business simulation introduces challenges such as oversupply, inventory build-up, working capital, cash flow, and debt repayment. Includes budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and ratios.

Finance for Managers

For managers who analyze, forecast, and plan. This business  simulation involves constant decision-making on such issues as pricing, capacity, borrowing, R&D, cost structure, and cash flow. Planning is for a longer period of time, and provides more practice in forecasting and improving results.

Finance and Strategy

For planners, professionals, and senior managers. In this business simulation, managers and executives draw on a range of skills to meet more complex sales and marketing challenges such as competitive differentiation, falling prices, and disruptive technology.

Managing a Global Business

For strategic planning contributors. This immersive simulation involves strategic complexity in operations and process changes; varied geographic markets with different drivers; foreign exchange rate fluctuation, and hedging. Teamwork is crucial.

Only Income|Outcome offers five levels of business acumen workshops, from 4 hours to 3 days, ensuring you can meet the training needs of each and every audience. And with our global network, you can implement these simulations in any of 12 languages, just about anywhere.

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