The Game Board is an Income Statement and Balance Sheet

The Income/Outcome simulation board defines the two basic financial statements and the connections between them. Long after the classroom session is finished, employees continue to use this visual as a matrix for organizing and expressing ideas.

The Game Board Demonstrates the Difference Between Cash Flow and Profit

A company manages separately for cash and profit. The Income/Outcome simulation board separates these concepts into two distinct but related flows of activity. Understanding cash flow is one of the most powerful aha! moments achieved by learners.

Key Financial Ratios Overlay the Game Board

The structure of the Income/Outcome simulation board supports a visual understanding of the use, importance, and inter-relationship of key financial ratios. The Income/Outcome Triangle for Ratio Analysis will be of permanent value to all managers.

The Game Board Lets Executives See the Dynamic Business Scenarios Created by Strategic Opportunity

Managers and executives use the Income/Outcome simulation board to visualize the dynamic business scenarios created by strategic opportunity. This visual representation incorporates cost structure and profit, working capital and cash flow, competitor considerations, development time to market, and the overall health of the company.

Visual Finance: A Picture is Worth 1000 Numbers!

Making financial results easy to understand

We present the same information as the financial statements, but we do it graphically – using color, placement and volume to create meaning. The relationships are made easy to understand and to assess at a glance – for example, the Debt-to-Equity ratio is the relationship of red stacks to black stacks in the bottom area of the Balance Sheet. A wealth of new understanding is created by having the Income Statement beside the Balance Sheet, using the same scale.


Andromeda Training is the world leader in the field of financial visualization and our mission is to make our tools available to the greatest number. 

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