Comments from Aalborg University

Recently we ran some Income/Outcome workshops for undergraduate engineering students at Aalborg University in Denmark. In the second workshop, several professors sat in with teams to observe the learning – analysing the activity, discussions and decision-making. After it was over, and … Read More »

Teachable moments in a business game

In the last post Ana Leiderman talked about the reason teams will oversell their capacity, and how that becomes a teachable moment in the classroom. Here are a few more teachable-moment scenarios we noticed this week. The events occur spontaneously … Read More »

Income/Outcome and Visual Finance in Arab News

Arab News, the national English-language daily of Saudi Arabia, printed a nice half-page story today on Andromeda Training, Income/Outcome and our new Visual Finance app. The article is by Molouk Ba-Isa, Editor for the Gulf Region and an IT specialist. … Read More »

Game Transfer Phenomenon

I recently read an article about game transfer phenomenon. This is the idea that people merge subjective realities and take a game-related action in real life. The author of the article starts by talking about unexpectedly using Mario-Kart driving reflexes … Read More »

New Business Simulation

More on what has been keeping us so very busy… Last week we ran a brand new business game at MSP Revolution 2008, developed specifically for the MSP industry. Because we were working with entrepreneurs we decided to add some … Read More »