So we’ve made a first trial video about the structure and value of ‘The Company Board’. But the question is, what is its real value?

In itself it provides a way to visualize financial statements as Amounts, not just as Numbers. It shows some of the potential for this way of looking and thinking. But it doesn’t go much further.

Will it increase business acumen, improve decision-making, improve the bottom line? Probably not in itself, so it isn’t in itself a learning tool.

Can it be used to increase demand for our classroom training? Not really, because it doesn’t address classroom training, except to mention that our Income/Outcome business simulations support the business visualization of ‘The Company Board’.

Does it have commercial value in itself? Not until the visualization becomes standard and easily understood.

Will it enhance our marketing efforts? Perhaps, but we’re not sure how.

So why on earth did we produce it? Because it was there to be produced! Because this is the future of financial representation! Because it is only the beginning of what can be done in the business learning and business literacy field, for improved understanding, communication, decision-making, individual morale and respect for others! In other words, it is brightly colored and highly useful component of improving the efficiency as well as the job-satisfaction of the workplace.

At least, that’s what we think. Go to

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