A good workshop on business finance or business acumen helps participants develop a better understanding of financial statements – their structure, their interconnections, their uses and their limitations.

This in turn creates better flows of information, better decision-making, and better financial results.

One secret to the success of Andromeda Training’s Income/Outcome workshops is the structure of the boardgame simulation. With its unique portrayal of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet as part of the game platform, it allows easy transfer of understanding from the game dynamics to real-world companies. This is always done as the “Company Board” module at the end of workshops, with a discussion of the real-world company’s strategic position and where the participants impact structure and results.

visual-finance-ipad-sm (1)

It can also be done with the Visual Finance app (“VF”), a free app for the iPad, if the client is publicly traded and represented there. But it can be taken further, especially in sales training, because the app is especially useful for sales teams.

In the Sales University of one of our Fortune 50 clients, senior sales managers with 10-25 years experience are now using VF to open conversations with the CFOs they sell to. VF is a truly engaging tool that is immediately interesting to the finance professional.

Those same sales managers have another use for it: they are using VF to educate their own junior sales people, showing them the state of health of their own company, and looking at the opportunities and challenges presented by their current and potential customers.