Income|Outcome is…

a family of business simulations so you can select simulation complexity and  workshop length to meet your training needs.  In-classroom and now online.

Income|Outcome is…

a board game where learners become high-powered executives, teams become corporate giants and the classroom becomes a cut-throat industry.

“I feel that I saw sides of my colleagues that were rude, tyrannical & callous.”

“This isn’t a game my friend, this is business.”

“One small misstep can lead to a big issue.”

“The simulations and rules were very realistic and consistent with business issues we face every day but don’t always know how to put in context.”

Income|Outcome is…

a Visual Finance learning methodology.

Income|Outcome is…

a serious training solution with an enormous ROI.

Income|Outcome is…

an intense competition where people learn because they want to win.

“Keep calm, react on facts not on emotions. Take more time to understand what went wrong and how better results can be achieved.”

“I thought we were doing well but at the end of the month we lost money. Got to analyze more closely.”

“The bids and the countdown to market made me realize what a small difference in price will cause us to lose market/customer. It is a tough world.”

Income|Outcome is…

a highly customizable simulation so you can select your industry and your business focus and a workshop length to meet your audience needs.

Income|Outcome is…

20 years old!

Income|Outcome is…

a hands-on business simulation for increasing business acumen in individuals and groups.

Robin Helweg-Larsen, co-developer of Income|Outcome business simulation

Income|Outcome is…

an effective tool for building leadership competencies.

even some finance people become more comfortable talking finance

Income|Outcome is…

a tool for building and sharing a common language.  After all, Finance is the language of business.

Income|Outcome is…

the Better Business Acumen solution.

“After experiencing Income/Outcome, I am more cautious in my purchasing decisions”

“It has helped me in justifying why we need to reduce inventories.”

“We have been cutting a lot of fat out from both the capital and expense budgets.”

“The biggest takeaway: how important it is for a company to not just have cash currently but to build a pipeline for a flow of revenue in the future.” 

Income|Outcome is…

a tool to overcome Fear of Finance.

“I have learned so much, my confidence has improved so I will not feel intimidated with detailed finance.” 

Income|Outcome is…

a lab environment to explore and ‘field-test’ your other training initiatives.

Income|Outcome can incorporate language and exercises from disciplines such as High Performance Teams (leadership, negotiation), Typology ( DISC, MBTI), and Financial/Solution Selling.  This will Accelerate ROI from other trainings and provide an Evaluation Without an Exam.

Income|Outcome is…

never the same game twice! Play it to learn.  Play it again to learn even more.

4-Hour Income|Outcome

For all team members.

This team-based, instructor-led business simulation focuses on the fundamentals of business acumen.

Great for corporate events and academic settings.

8-Hour Income|Outcome

For all team members.

Adds challenges such as oversupply, inventory build-up, working capital, cash flow, and debt repayment. Includes budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and ratios.

Great for challenging everyone in the company.

12-Hour Income|Outcome

For those who analyze, forecast, and plan.

Adds constant decision-making on such issues as pricing, capacity, borrowing, R&D, cost structure, cash flow, analytics and forecasting.

2-Day Income|Outcome

For planners, professionals and more senior staff.

Adds complex sales and marketing challenges such as competitive differentiation, falling prices, market intelligence, client relationships and disruptive technology.

3-Day Income|Outcome

For strategic planning contributors.

Adds tremendous strategic complexity in operations and process changes; varied geographic markets with different drivers; foreign exchange rate fluctuation, and hedging. Teamwork is crucial.