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Turn decision-makers into decision-owners

Everyone in your organization makes business decisions. Shouldn’t they all understand how business works?

  • Business Literacy so they can talk the talk.
  • Business Visualization so they can recognize strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities within a company or industry.
  • Business Acumen so they can develop insights based on business analysis and confidently take actions that benefit your organization.

Income/Outcome creates a lot of aha! learning: 

“Aha I got it! Budget. Cash flow forecast. Balance Sheet. Bidding. Cost of employees. Watching profit & loss on the game board.”

– Operations Manager at a global law firm


Income|Outcome workshops combine traditional classroom instruction with a hands-on business simulation game. While teams compete to build the most successful company, the facilitator ensures that your team comes away knowing what they need to know about finance, strategy and decision-making.

ENGAGING FINANCEBusiness Simulation Board Game

Financial planning and analysis concepts are introduced in the context of the game. Because they want to win, teams immediately begin using these tools to engage with the numbers and improve results. Through doing they learn most of the things you learn in any business school including cash flow management, budgeting, and key ratios.


  • Duration – Workshops run from four hours to two days, or anything in between.
  • Add your KPIs – We integrate what’s most important to your company. CAPEX, OPEX, EBITDA, ROI, EVA and any other KPIs can be added.
  • Identify Your Key Clients – We help your team put their newfound skills to work finding new efficiencies and sales opportunities.


The learning doesn’t stop when the game is over. We support and continue the learning with our Visual Finance app, Vissual Finance Reports, and Community of Practice.