People learn best when they are engaged. Engagement is easy when people are involved in a team competition. A good business simulation like Income/Outcome provides this. And when people compete head to head to win customers in a competitive market, you have an opportunity for both finance learning and team-building built into a fun activity.

And the stress of preparing for a competitive market, when your financial survival is at stake because of oversupply and a cashflow crisis… Well, it can lead to an explosive response in the classroom. Here’s a clip from a workshop I ran in Singapore a couple of days ago:


We use this engagement to teach in several different areas simultaneously:

  • Financial terminology
  • Creating and using financial statements
  • Understanding market forces
  • Breaking down silos
  • Team-building
  • Improved information flows
  • Holistic business acumen
  • Better decision-making

Who knew a finance training workshop could be so much fun?