From our company’s earliest beginnings in British Columbia in 1989, through our incorporation of Andromeda Training in North Carolina in 1993 and our creation of the first Income/Outcome simulations in 1996, we have always been prepared to change and adapt. We have grown to be a global training provider with unique strengths in financial visualization.


As Andromeda Training has grown I have found myself increasingly engaged with developing our ability to support international clients with the help of our global network of facilitators and distributors. Our workshops are available in 15 languages, and we work with a variety of consulting companies around the world.

The last twelve months has seen two major initiatives. We partnered with a Saudi company to launch Andromeda Simulations Arabia, now running workshops in Arabic and English in Riyadh, Jeddah, AlKhobar and Abha. In addition, we have restructured our business by creating a new Bahamian corporation, Andromeda Simulations International, as the coordinating office for all our international work.

The choice of the Bahamas is natural for me, as I was brought up on the island of Eleuthera and have always called it my home. In fact our very first “Income/Outcome University” event was held there, in 2002. We are proud that the business has grown to the point that we can include my homeland in our ongoing business activities.