Skeptics said no quickie business simulation could teach a foundational concept in finance to non financial managers. I love a good challenge.

This business simulation builds business acumen quickly & effectively. The same method is at work in our popular Finance for Everyone workshops.

Everyone in business needs to understand their role in the business and how they impact results. That requires a basic understanding of finance – even for non financial managers.

In this 5 minute video I explain the concept of equity with a very simple business simulation. This is just one example showing how quickly and effectively the right business simulation can build business acumen easily — in this case, illustrating a basic finance concept for non financial managers in about 5 minutes!

Our typical programs mix instructor-led simulations, team competition, and more to create a challenging, fun filled experience. Once managers have experienced a business simulation that develops their business acumen, they can take initiatives in everyday activities leading to reductions in costs, inventories, and working capital; work creatively with customers and suppliers, and look for profit opportunities; and understand how and why their everyday decisions and actions impact other areas of the company.

If you are interested in learning more about teaching finance for non financial managers, check out ourFinance for Everyone page.