Build better financial literacy remotely in just 4-6 hours with Income|Outcome Online Business Simulations.

This facilitator-led, team-based workshop allows employees to participate from anywhere—it meets the needs of both ‘work from home’ and ‘hybrid office’ environments. Our online simulation is a proprietary app, paired with conferencing software and breakout rooms for remote participation and strategizing. It is best for 10 – 24 participants and is usually offered in 2.5 – 4 hour time blocks. The curriculum, imagery, game-play, and learning outcomes are all consistent with the Income|Outcome in-person 4-hour experience, with the convenience of online access for remote workers and internationally based teams.

Our business simulation games help employees of all levels realize how their everyday decisions impact bottom-line results. Income|Outcome workshops advance business acumen skills, team-building, communication, strategic thinking, and empathy to provide better business results. These online trainings can be tailored to reflect your company’s business model, company-specific ratios and KPIs, unique financial terminology, and more. 

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Better Business Decisions

Participants run a business in a competitive team environment: setting prices, monitoring cash flow, making operational improvements, and planning for growth and profit. They learn to use financial statements as a tool for measuring results. This 4-hour workshop enhances everyone’s ability to communicate, exercise initiative and implement change.

Better Business Decisions EXTENDED Version

A more challenging experience – people develop the business skills they need to address problems of oversupplied markets, inventory build-up, working capital management, cash flow, and debt repayment. The 6-hour workshop includes formal ratio analysis and an introduction to budgets and cash flow forecasting. 


Includes financial statements (how to read an income statement and balance sheet), finance terminology, discussion of cost structures, difference between cash and profit, and more.

Introduction & Fundamentals – 1 hour
Team Competition – 2.5 hours
Analysis of your company’s financial position – 30 minutes

Team competition simulations consist of three business cycles in which teams have full decision-making power and are accountable for the business results.

In each cycle, the team-based companies develop and implement a business strategy which incorporates real-world dynamics: production capacity, customers, prices, and financing.

Each cycle includes competitor and market analysis; setting prices in a competitive market; monitoring cash flow; preparing an income statement and balance sheet; and posting, comparing, and discussing results.

Teams have opportunities to improve their companies with real world business solutions: expansion, quality initiatives, niche marketing, and more. Finance learning is wholly integrated within the simulation.

We turn to The Company Board®, a 3D visual representation of your corporate financial position or industry analysis. This module connects the learning from the classroom to the real world. The tie-back and discussion relate the simulation experience to your company’s concerns, measures, and goals.

“It’s a great course to have at the beginning to start with good financial foundation.” — Product Manager, EMBA Candidate; EDHEC


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