Travel, Trade, Innovation and Business Acumen

“The two most popular words in the business lexicon”, the Economist opined earlier this year, “are probably ‘global’ and ‘leadership’.” The World Economic Forum in Davos each year epitomizes this: 1,000 corporate heads and 50 heads of government getting together … Read More »

Why Income/Outcome is great in EMBA programs

Two weeks ago Andromeda Training was a corporate attendee in Paris at the annual conference of the Executive MBA Council. I’m illustrating it with the logo from the conference a couple of years ago, because I think that better captures the … Read More »

MBA and EMBA Programs

An Open Letter to MBA and EMBA Faculty and Administrators: Your students make a significant financial investment to attend your program. But even more importantly, they are investing their time during the most crucial point of their careers. They want … Read More »

Fear of Finance

This is becoming a recurring theme for us, in both the academic and corporate sectors; and our experience highlights the value of using a business simulation as a tool for finance skills training. At Coles College of Business, Dr. Alison … Read More »

Executive MBA Council

The following is an excerpt from the current ‘EMBA NEWS’ – the quarterly online newsmagazine of The Executive MBA Council: Through the workshops of Executive MBA Council corporate member Andromeda Training, Inc. and its Income/Outcome Business Simulations, graduate business students … Read More »