Michelin rolls out business simulations worldwide; 30,000+ trained since 1996

Michelin North America began shifting profit responsibility down the management chain in the mid 90s. This required higher financial skills than most individuals had needed to that point; skills that are included in business acumen – planning, forecasting, communicating, making better day-to-day decisions.

In 1996, Michelin North America introduced Income/Outcome at all levels of the organization. Their goals:

  • Better decision-making
  • Improved financial results, and
  • Increased communication and trust

The results were so well-regarded that Income/Outcome was rolled out worldwide by Groupe Michelin. To date, the organization has trained over 30,000 employees.

Today Michelin targets profitability and lasting growth, while focusing on adding value based on their technology, innovation, brands, and service. Income/Outcome supports their implementation of this strategy every step of the way.