This is the additional profit resulting from one Beam Suntory employee’s better business decision after attending a better business acumen workshop.*

What can we do for your bottom line?

*  from the Beam Commercial Acumen Study 

Better business acumen in just 4-hours.

In today’s organizations, resources are scarce. If a manager wants investment in a multi-million dollar product idea, or admin wants a new printer, they have to build a business case. To build that case, they have to understand how finances work in your company. That’s where we come in.

The Mid-Market Challenge is a hands-on board game where employees are part of a team trying to build the best company in the (classroom) industry. They learn how the finances works. They make all the decisions. They own all the results.

Our business simulation workshops teach:

  • Business Literacy
    Learn to talk the talk.
  • Business Visualization
    Recognize strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities within a company or industry.
  • Better Business Acumen.
    Better Business Decisions.
    Better Business Results.

The Mid-Market Challenge is a highly customizable simulation:

You can select your industry, your business focus, and a workshop length to meet your audience needs.

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