A 4-hour workshop that builds (or refreshes!) a big-picture understanding of corporate finance in employees at all levels and in any function.

Participants run a business in a competitive team environment — setting prices, monitoring cash flow, making operational improvements, and planning for growth and profit. They make business decisions and learn to use financial statements as a tool for measuring results. This 4-hour workshop enhances everyone’s ability to communicate, implement and exercise initiative.

This simulation develops business acumen through stealth learning – people are so busy having fun in the game that they do not realize how much they are learning. The business finance learning is thorough and participants gain a big picture understanding of business, finance terminology, working with financial statements, and more. 

Participants have complete control of their game board companies. They make all the business decisions (production, marketing, sales, financing) and they own all the results (for good or ill). They identify the internal and external forces on the business and experience how some of these forces (cash flow, shareholder expectations, etc. ) can drive decision making.


In the Better Business Decisions workshop, the goal is for each participant — whether a front line worker, manager, or executive — to grasp essential financial tools and concepts.

Financial statements and their management uses: Income Statement (P&L) and Balance Sheet

Investing, generating profits (or losses!)

The difference between cash and profit

Fixed and variable costs

The need to control working capital

How market conditions impact business decisions

Implementing change and measuring results

Standard financial metrics (operating income, net income, ROA)

Your company’s specific financial metrics


Which training format is best for your team?


Builds corporate culture and employee collaboration.

Easy for participants to fully engage in the simulation program.

Provides a hands-on learning experience.

Allows employees to learn at the same pace.


Builds corporate culture and employee collaboration.

Great for global/diversified team.

Accessible for work-from-home environments. 

Allows for international collaboration.


This is rapid learning in a challenging finance simulation game. Participants work in teams to manage their business. They set prices, monitor cash flow, make operational improvements, prepare financial statements, measure results…and have a ton of fun!

Introduction & Fundamentals: 1 hour
Team Competition: 2.5 hours
Ratio Analysis (or other KPI): 0 – 30 minutes (optional)
Real-world financial analysis: 5 – 30 minutes

Team competition simulations consist of three business cycles in which teams have full decision-making power and are accountable for the business results.

In each cycle, the team-based companies develop and implement a business strategy which incorporates real-world dynamics: production capacity, customers, prices, and financing.

Each cycle includes competitor and market analysis; setting prices in a competitive market; monitoring cash flow; preparing an income statement and balance sheet; and posting, comparing, and discussing results.

Teams have opportunities to improve their companies with real world business solutions: expansion, quality initiatives, niche marketing, and more. Finance learning is wholly integrated within the simulation.

We use Visual Finance, a graphic representation of your corporate financial position or industry analysis. Using color, placement and volume to create meaning,  the relationships are made easy to understand and to assess at a glance. Tor example, the Debt-to-Equity ratio is the relationship of red stacks to black stacks. We connect the learning from the classroom to the real world and the tie-back and discussion relate the simulation experience to your company’s concerns, measures, and goals.

“The impact of low production & high overhead to retained earnings. I have a better understanding of all the inputs that need to be evaluated before expansions, production changes, etc.” — Parts Procurement Lead, Honda


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