The Value of a Hi-Touch Business Game in Exec Ed

Dive into the Exec Ed program with a renewed sense of empowerment and confidence, a feeling shared by many of our satisfied clients. Our workshops are designed to bridge the gaps in business knowledge, creating a nurturing ground for learners from all walks of life.

Income|Outcome® Business Simulation Workshops – The Trusted Choice for Exec Ed

Business schools worldwide have adopted our workshops to equip students for the demanding courses ahead. We offer industry-specific models that facilitate a profound understanding of the business landscapes, enhancing the learning journey for every participant.


Engagement Through Hands-On Learning

Our workshops, available in half to full-day sessions, delve into essential aspects such as:

  • Business Decision-Making: Learn how your decisions can influence the company’s bottom line.
  • Market Adaptability: Gain insights into adapting swiftly to changing market conditions.
  • Financial Literacy for Non-Finance Managers: Grasp the nuances of financial statement preparation and budget management, tailored specifically for non-finance managers and leaders.

Experiential Learning – Making Learning Memorable

Step into various business roles and comprehend their impact on a company’s financial health. We emphasize the critical part of a robust business strategy in ensuring financial stability.

Team Building With A Twist

Our workshops serve as a vibrant icebreaker and foster team-building, enhancing group dynamics and encouraging collaborative learning. It’s an opportunity to build connections and learn in a supportive environment.

A Capstone Experience For Leadership Week

Exec Ed stands distinct, offering a rich experience for leaders. The workshops are a fabulous capstone to your leadership week, promising an experience that leaves participants raving. It’s more than a workshop; it’s an experience that promises growth, learning, and a fantastic impression on your clients.

Jump-Start The Learning Journey

We welcome students from non-business backgrounds, offering a quick yet comprehensive grasp of finance basics. It’s a challenging overview that promises to be beneficial even for those with experience in business education.

Discover how our workshops can be a valuable asset to your Exec Ed program.