Some time ago I heard a client talking, 5 years after the fact, about how her team should have won in a the Income/Outcome business simulation. It got me thinking about healthy competition in a business strategy game… and about why some teams win.

Here are a few clips of businesspeople telling their strategy for winning. The footage is from an Income/Outcomebusiness simulation workshop.

The first clip is Dr. Alison Keefe talking about how her team should have won that game she had played, 5 years earlier!

Stealth learning works

Notice how everyone seems to be totally engaged? They are playing our Level 1 business simulation, called Entrepreneurial Challenge — a fun 4 hour, open-ended business simulation ideal for developing business acumen through “stealth learning.” While folks have fun competing to win, they are thoroughly learning business finance.

As Eliza points out in the new Top 12 guide, fun can make a huge difference in the value you receive. That’s because boring business simulations prompt learners to disengage — which means they miss out on precious learning opportunities.

So Entrepreneurial Challenge simulations are all about working in teams to operate a business in a simulated competitive market. They make all the decisions: production, marketing, sales, finance, and own all the results. Participants gain a big picture understanding of business, familiarity with financial statements, importance of cash flow, and more. And beyond helping to build business acumen, participants deepen professional friendships and have fun collaborating to win in a challenging environment. More »

Your two cents?

Have you played one of our business strategy games? What tips would you give someone heading into one?