Business simulations for improving finance acumen in non-finance personnel

A common story we hear goes like this:  “A lot of people in our organization just don’t understand business. We need training so that when we talk about initiatives that have bottom line impact, all members of the team understand why we are doing what we’re doing… and help drive results.”

We help Finance people rewrite the ending to that story.

Income/Outcome business simulation workshops raise the financial skills and business acumen of the organization as a whole. You already know that every single person in the organization makes everyday decisions that impact the bottom line and the balance sheet. Our programs “put people in the game” (they are actually modeled on the simulation board), and demonstrate the individual’s impact. The programs improve their decision-making skills, leading to better business decisions and better business results.

3-Fold Benefits

  • Increased respect for Finance throughout the organization – In the simulation, participants make business decisions in all departments including finance. They gain an understanding of their real-world impact on the other parts of the company; they also gain an increased respect for the value and difficulties of the various roles.
  • Improved communication with Finance –  Income/Outcome also improves communications between Finance and the rest of the organization. This includes ‘communicating out’ with plans, priorities and results; and ‘communicating in’ with enhanced ability for non-financial managers to communicate with the numbers people.
  • Bigger picture thinking within Finance – Our simulations provide a bigger experience of the practical dynamics of running the business than a finance manager has typically been exposed to in their career (the complexity of operations, the shifting nature of competitor analysis, the pressures of the marketplace).

What sets Income/Outcome® apart?

Only Income/Outcome offers five levels of business acumen training. Many clients use multiples levels: shorter workshops for the workforce and longer programs for managers, sales, or executives.

In addition, only Income/Outcome workshops offer a Visual Finance module. This module enables your team members to immediately apply classroom learning to the real world. The Company Board visualization is also useful for communicating with shareholders.

Getting in touch

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