Income/Outcome is a powerful component in leadership development curricula, change management initiatives and general financial skills and team building programs. Our workshops help you:

  • Improve executives’ financial acumen
  • Help employees see how the whole business works
  • Enhance managers’ analysis and planning skills
  • Provide account executives insight into customers’ businesses
  • Improve the business acumen of individual contributors

Building organizational alignment

When used throughout the organization, Income/Outcome builds organizational alignment through the development of a common understanding of business: its dynamics, goals, and key performance indicators.

Return on training investment

Some clients report as much as a 20-fold return on the training investment in Income/Outcome. This comes about through an informal culture change; improved individual decision-making (leading to better bottom line results); early identification of problems and opportunities; increased speed and accuracy of communication; enhanced interdepartmental respect; and deeper understanding of customers’ businesses.

Key uses

  • M&A: Used during and after a merger or acquisition (M&A), the simulations foster a common culture
  • New-hire orientation: Our business simulations may be the single most effective way to bring new employees in line with the company’s vision, needs and goals.
  • Labor/management relations: Minimizes misunderstandings and clarifies the practical needs of the company as a whole; breaks down “silo thinking” by giving everyone the experience of making decisions in all departments; and highlights the global commonality of business issues which are otherwise obscured by cultural variations.

What sets Income/Outcome® apart from other options?

Only Income/Outcome offers five levels of business acumen training, ensuring you can meet the training needs of each and every audience. Many clients use multiple levels: they offer shorter workshops for rapid learning situations and longer programs for introducing more complex learning to managers, sales people, or executives. In addition, only Income/Outcome workshops offer a Visual Finance module. This module enables your team members to immediately apply classroom learning to the real world.

Getting in touch

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