Why Finance is the Language of Business | Income Outcome

Why Finance is the Language of Business

There is an astonishing phenomenon that occurs in business. It happens when different departments get together to talk about finance. It is this: People sometimes use different words to refer to the same thing… Operating Income (or Operating Profit) is … Read More »

Business Acumen for Absolutely Everybody

The Economist has a recent article (“Revisiting Ricardo”) on the reasons behind the growing economic inequalities within the poorest countries. One point discussed is that better educated and better skilled individuals are able to connect with individuals and companies in … Read More »

KPIs, Rewards and Business Acumen

Towards the end of Income/Outcome workshops we look at Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other metrics, and consider how people change their behavior depending on what they are measured on. We subscribe to the rueful view that if you measure … Read More »