Finance is the Language of Business

I think we have been saying it since 1996: Finance is the language of business, and if you want to talk to other people in your company, you need to be fluent in Finance.  (I used to advocate finance training … Read More »

Back to Guadalajara

We are in Guadalajara, Mexico running the 3-day global business game for a large group of managers at HP. Most people in the group already have a strong finance background, so this program falls more into the ‘non-finance for finance … Read More »

Income/Outcome Rematch!

We have been busy! Lots of travel, lots of new programs. Today is catch up time on the Blog. Last week we ran the first programs of Income/Outcome Rematch! Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University has been using … Read More »

New Business Simulation

More on what has been keeping us so very busy… Last week we ran a brand new business game at MSP Revolution 2008, developed specifically for the MSP industry. Because we were working with entrepreneurs we decided to add some … Read More »

Competition in a Business Simulation

Income/Outcome is a competitive business simulation, and that competition is an important element of the learning environment. Competition creates engagement – people like playing games so they are attentive to the learning environment. Additionally, competition provides the ‘hook’ for the … Read More »

Aifa Brings Business Simulation Game to Uruguay

Aifa, a new management consulting and training firm with offices in Montevideo is bringing the Income/Outcome board game business simulation to Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Since 1996, US-based Andromeda Training has provided business acumen training workshops incorporating their highly successful … Read More »

Decision-making and business acumen

An engaging little conversation between Barack Obama and British Opposition leader David Cameron was caught on tape and distributed by the Associated Press: Obama-Cameron conversation I think there are actually two kinds of “taking time to think”, at least in … Read More »

Innovative Ways to Develop Business Acumen

We advocate our board game business simulation as being the ideal instrument for developing business acumen. The experiential learning component is strong, and employees become emotionally invested in mastering the finance tools we provide. Here is another possibility – go … Read More »

World’s Biggest Business Game Goes to Spain

Andromeda Training,  announces the launch of a strategic partnership with Teneo Consulting, a management training and consulting firm with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, bringing the Income/Outcome board game business simulations to Spain. Since 1996, Andromeda Training has provided business … Read More »

Incentive systems

In the old days at a tire manufacturing site of a company that shall remain nameless, workers on the production line had a row of lights over their work station.Each light could be green or red, showing whether that aspect … Read More »