Guest Author: Using a Business Simulation in Israel

I would like to focus about the nature of the Israeli people and their business managers.  You may say that Israel’s people, and  Israeli managers, are constant arguers, bad planners, not good listeners etc.  However they are also talented, practical, quick learners and  flexible; born of long years … Read More »

Long-term impact of learning styles

A report in the June 25, 2009, London-based journal BMC Geriatrics has measured a significant difference in the memory and awareness abilities between US and UK seniors. Functionally, 75-year-old Americans performed at the level of 65-year-old Brits. This discrepancy was … Read More »


In casual thought, ‘toys’ and ‘games’ sound the same – interchangeable terms for fun kids’ stuff.  But in an insightful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Spore, the 2008 video game from Will Wright (creator of Sim City and … Read More »

More Context with the Company Board

Information is only useful when contextualized. The last post included the Company Board for Apple’s 2008 year end financial result; you can look at the income statement in the context of the balance sheet; and you can look at the … Read More »

Information and Context has an article on the use of memory, it talks about how we focus our limited resources on remembering key parts of a scene, and put less memory into less important parts. They illustrate the concept with a photo … Read More »

Training in a downturn

The Cranfield School of Management in the UK concludes in a recent report that staff training saved money, improved staff motivation and increased employee retention. From their poll of more than 1,100 training and recruitment manager, they concluded that the … Read More »