Income/Outcome is Good for Your Health!

At Income/Outcome University we distributed pedometers to the international consultants and challenged them to track their steps in a workshop. Leon Grandy of McCallum Petterson in New Zealand reports that he just ran a 2-Day Finance for Managers and Sales … Read More »

Building a global training network

It looks like Income/Outcome is finally beginning to come together with a global network of training providers. Not only did we have representatives from five continents for our conference in May, but we are starting to see a natural coming-together … Read More »

Use of ‘The Company Board’ Video

So we’ve made a first trial video about the structure and value of ‘The Company Board’. But the question is, what is its real value? In itself it provides a way to visualize financial statements as Amounts, not just as … Read More »

Speed and accuracy of communication

Going through an Income/Outcome workshop provides a number of business competencies including the ability to read and visualize financial statements. You will make better decisions. In the simulation, you learn to use game board itself as a mental checklist for … Read More »

Dreams as simulation-based training

Finnish psychologist Antti Revonsuo believes that dreams have a primary function of allowing extensive safe training in escaping dangerous situations. His research (as reported in Psychology Today, Nov-Dec 2007), shows that two-thirds of all dreams are threat dreams, totaling 300 … Read More »

Business Acumen for Finance Managers

One of the great things about running open enrollment workshops within a corporation is that you get a cross-section of managers participating, not all from the same silo.  Mixed functions sit together on teams, and typically argue for decisions to … Read More »

Stealth Learning

For the past 10 years, we have talked about ‘aha! thinking’ and ‘overnight learning’ and tried to express how our learning continues beyond the simulation. Over the past year we have come up with a phrase that describes a lot … Read More »