SOGES S.p.A. provides management training as part of its broad range of consulting services. Based in Italy but with offices across southern Europe and as far as China, it has a staff of 120 together with a network of over 500 consultants.

Michelin originally brought us together, to meet Michelin needs in their global roll-out of Income/Outcome workshops in the late 1990s. Soges has a reputation for finding custom solutions for different client needs, and is active in change and development programs. In addition to Andromeda Training, Soges also represents Thomas International, Cmoe, and Escuela Europea de Coaching in Italy and beyond.


Azimut Yachts… a Soges – Income/Outcome client in action

Some of Soges’ Income/Outcome clients show classic Italian style:

  • Azimut Yachts, who promote economics and the importance of business acumen in the development program for Azimut talents.
  • BTicino, who have been using the business game Income Outcome in its training program for all new hires for the past five years.

In addition, Soges uses Income/Outcome as part of the Sales Manager training for Johnson Controls. In the training they talk about ways to help promote and grow their business. Independently, we also have Johnson Controls as a client in the US, where we teach them through the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

Everyone is part of innumerable networks these days. We are delighted to have Soges in our network, and to be part of theirs.