Travel, Trade, Innovation and Business Acumen

“The two most popular words in the business lexicon”, the Economist opined earlier this year, “are probably ‘global’ and ‘leadership’.” The World Economic Forum in Davos each year epitomizes this: 1,000 corporate heads and 50 heads of government getting together … Read More »

Business Acumen Needs to Include the Big Picture

We often look at business acumen as a group of business skills competencies including finance, strategy and decision-making. Today I was reviewing some post-workshop comments from an Income/Outcome program in Japan, and I realized that ‘big picture understanding’ may not … Read More »

Tech innovations and culture change

One of the current technological innovations which will have the greatest social impact is the introduction of driverless cars. Change will occur in stages. The first driverless cars will be more aware of their immediate environment than a human driver … Read More »